A Practical Guide to Building Strategy for Faith-Based Organizations

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In A Practical Guide to Building Strategy for Faith-Based Organizations, Chris Bosch and Lon Wong provide organizational leaders with the tools they need to guide their teams into clarity and focus. In a world where opportunities abound, saying yes to everything can cloud an organization's mission. But with strategic decision-making, non-profits can focus their efforts and make a bigger impact for God’s kingdom. This guide offers step-by-step instructions for 21 exercises that help organizations reimagine their future and navigate the complex environment they operate in. Discover the power of strategy development as a wayfinding tool, leading your organization from its current position to a clear north star. With this book, leaders can unite around a shared strategy, build confidence, and maximize their impact on the people they serve. For the sake of your mission and those you support, unlock the path to clarity and focus.

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