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Managing Restricted Funds

Managing Restricted Funds

Many charities set up one or more restricted funds. This is done most often to honour a donor's restriction request or to provide a way for donors to direct their gifts to a specific project or longer-term purpose outside of the General Fund. Though there are good reasons to set up restricted funds, the charity's leadership must understand that doing so sets up a special purpose charitable trust, which has several implications for the charity.

In this high-level webinar we will answer the most frequently asked questions about restricted funds:

  • Should my charity set up restricted funds?
  • What are the rules and implications of saying "yes" to setting up a special purpose charitable trust via a restricted fund?
  • What is the importance of proper polices (e.g., a Donor-Restricted Gift Policy)?
  • What is the difference between externally and internally restricted funds? 
  • How can control be exerted through proper accounting and financial presentation for restricted funds?


Length: 22 mins 55 sec

Presenter: Gilbert Langerak

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