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Taxable Benefits: A Review for Charity Employers

Taxable Benefits: A Review for Charity Employers

This high-level overview will cover the most common questions regarding taxable benefits:

  • When is a benefit or allowance taxable?
  • What Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidance is available?
  • How do we handle allowances (e.g., for car, travel, books, training)?
  • When are employer-paid insurance premiums taxable or tax-exempt?
  • How are Registered Pension Plan (RPP) and RRSP contributions treated for tax purposes?
  • When are gifts and awards taxable or tax-exempt?
  • What are the side-effects of housing allowances re: the clergy residence deduction?
  • How do religious labels on payments reconcile with tax reality?


Length: 27 mins 46 sec

Presenter: Gil Langerak

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