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Ministry Work and Your Mental Health

Ministry Work and Your Mental Health

We have never encountered a season of ministry quite like the one we are in.

You are likely changing the way you carry out your mission. You have adjusted your strategic plans. You have changed the way you “do” church while still being “the church.” You have cared for staff, congregants, communities, all in a time of crisis and isolation. No doubt this season has been met with mixed emotions and has taken a toll on your mental health. To address these concerns, CCCC has invited speaker Brett Ullman to join us for a special live webinar on June 3rd regarding mental health for ministry workers in this time of uncertainty.

Brett is respected voice on mental health within the Christian faith community. His honest, helpful approach to mental health avoids clichés, promises of false hope, and acknowledges the role faith plays in the healing journey.

Length: 52 mins 59 sec

Presenter: Brett Ullman

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