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Stewardship of your Ministry's Investments

Stewardship of your Ministry's Investments

Would you like to learn how to make the most of your ministry's capital investments while responsibly stewarding your resources? If so, join us at CCCC’s webinar "Stewardship of Your Ministry's Investments". During this webinar, we'll explain how investments can align with our Christian values and why this may be important to potential major donors. Additionally, we'll showcase examples of how these investments can generate steady returns for ministries over time.

This webinar will be led by our guest presenter Tim Jenkins from Trinity Family Wealth Advisors. You will be equipped with practical guidance on how to incorporate Biblically informed investing into your pension funds and investment portfolio. You'll learn about the importance of aligning your investments with your values and goals, and the role of stewardship in achieving financial success.

This webinar is designed for Chief Financial Officers, members of your Investment Committee, staff who oversee your pension fund, and any staff/volunteers involved in your investment decisions. You'll come away with a better understanding of how to make the most of your ministry’s investments, both in terms of financial returns and impact.

During the webinar, we'll cover a range of topics, including:

  • How ministries are avoiding losses in their investments and still making solid returns year after year.
  • The basics of Biblically informed investing.
  • How to align your investments with your ministry's values and goals.
  • The importance of stewardship in achieving financial success.
  • Best practices for managing your pension funds and investment portfolio.
  • Knowing if your ministry is operating within the Securities Commission Regulations.

By the end of this webinar, you'll gain an understanding of how to turn stewardship into impact and make the most of your ministry’s investments. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from an expert and take your ministry's finances to the next level.

Length: 58 mins 51 sec

Presenter: Tim Jenkins (Trinity Family Wealth Advisors) , Curtis Towns (CCCC)

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