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PART ONE - Create Login

  • To begin, open your internet browser and in the address bar type in the URL www.cccc.org. Once the page loads, you’ll see in the top right-hand corner the login button. Select the login button and the next page will load.
  • Do not enter your email address or your organization user id number, instead select the Don’t Have A Password or Forget It? link. That link will open a new page. On this page, in the text field, enter the email address at which you receive emails from CCCC. 
  • Select Send Me Reset Instructions and the CCCC will send you reset instructions so you can move ahead to the next step of creating your profile. If you check your inbox and you don’t see the email there, wait five minutes and then check your spam folder. 
  • Open the email and click the link to move to the next step.
  • A Reset Your Password page will open. Create a password that you will remember and type it once into the New Password field and again into the Confirm Password field. Select the Finish button and you’ll move onto the next stage.

PART TWO - Now that you’ve created those login details, go back to www.cccc.org

  • In the right-hand corner, select the login button. Now you will enter the email address and password you just used to create your profile. Select the login button.
  • You are now in the website under your individual profile. This area is known as The Centre. On the page, your individual name and the names of the organizations to which you are connected are listed.
  • A number of useful features have been brought together in The Centre, including access to the knowledge base (bulletins, sample documents, etc.) and several other great resources! Please scroll all the way down the page to see everything available to you.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at www.cccc.org/contact and we will be happy to help!