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APRIL 2023
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Curtis Towns
Head of Accreditation, Member Support Team

What's inside

Each month, it is our team's honour to share resources and news that we feel will be helpful to your organization. CCCC members are diverse and so are the topics you will find within CCCC publications. This month, we are featuring one of the important aspects of the stewardship function within charities, fundraising. I encourage you to check out the new and updated content.

As the Head of Accreditation, I'd also like to take a moment to congratulate our 2023 Accredited Members! Although Accreditation doesn't exist only to serve the fundraising function, it seemed like a great month to celebrate our Accredited members. See the feature below for more information about CCCC Accreditation.

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Fundraising Events

Attention first-time fundraising event planners! Planning an event can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Check out our newly updated event planning checklist. It gives you a high-level plan for the entire year before your event. And, there are links to experts that offer tips and tricks to help you plan an event that's unforgettable. Start planning today and see how easy and enjoyable it can be!

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Split Receipting

We've updated our learning materials on split receipting to help you issue tax receipts for only the eligible portion of a donation. With a focus on compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, our materials provide worked examples and clear explanations to make split receipting easy to understand and implement. Whether you're new to split receipting or already have processes in place, learn more about how you can accurately receipt events, auctions, and gifts that provide an advantage to donors.

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Clergy Residence Deduction

Claiming the Clergy Residence Deduction (CRD) can be a bit intimidating, but it's an excellent deduction to take advantage of. By claiming the CRD, you can reduce your taxable income and ultimately save money on your taxes. Don't worry if this seems complicated - there are plenty of resources available to help you navigate the process, including links to the related government forms. Check out the newly updated CRD category.

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What's New in the Knowledge Base

The CCCC Knowledge Base is always changing and growing. This page is where we highlight major changes to the site and resources. It is also a record of what we are learning about technology, remote work, and collaborative information sharing. See a list of new and revised resources for each month.

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MAXIMIZE YOUR membership
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Is CCCC Accreditation right for your ministry?

Accreditation with CCCC is a powerful endorsement of a charity’s integrity. It demonstrates that the charity has been carefully assessed by CCCC’s rigorous accreditation process and found to be in compliance with CCCC’s Standards of Accountability. Donors can give confidently and generously when they see the CCCC Accredited Member Logo on a charity’s website. Ready to learn more? Get started here.

Charitable Sector Updates
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Ampratwum-Duah v. The Queen, 2020 TCC 18

In Ampratwum-Duah v. The Queen, a taxpayer's appeal was dismissed due to insufficient books and records to support their claimed donation. Because the taxpayer had signed his own official donation receipts, the receipts alone were not enough evidence.

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Samaritan's Purse Grant-Making Sample Documents: Grant Agreement & Grant Accountability Documentation Requirements

Interested in making grants to non-qualified donees? Courtesy of Samaritan's Purse Canada, CCCC now has a sample Grant Agreement and sample summary of Grant Accountability Documentation Requirements. The documentation for grants is not too different from the documentation charities are required to show when exercising direction and control. However, one very significant difference introduced in the draft guidance is that charities use a risk-based analysis to determine what is necessary in the specific circumstances. High risk scenarios naturally require more due diligence, greater formality and structure to a grant agreement, and grantee reporting. Low risk scenarios, on the other hand, require a lot less background work and need not be as formal. While CRA makes very strong recommendations, there is more flexibility in how charities can demonstrate accountability for grants. Use this link to navigate to the sample documents in Word and PDF.

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Quick Picks

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CCCC staff are constantly reading news, reports, and other resources to stay on top of developments in the charitable sector. We think you'll find these picks helpful!


Cultivating High Impact, Long-term Relationships with Major Donors

Major donors can make a major difference to our ministry. But, with the relatively small group of major donors in Canada, how do you stand out among the crowd? Join us April 26 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET. By attending this webinar, you will learn the secret to helping major donors give like they want to, but don't know they can.

Other notable upcoming events

May 24, 2023 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET - Accreditation Info Session


Congratulations to our Accredited Members!

By demonstrating a commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency through compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, CCCC Accredited Members have been given the distinction of CCCC Accreditation.

Congratulations to our 2023 Accredited Members who continue to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to CCCC Accreditation standards. We are proud to have you as part of our Accredited Member community! Check out the feature of our current list of Accredited members in the May/June Faith Today magazine and Canadian Donors' guide.

To find out more about CCCC Accreditation and our Accredited members, visit

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Who Is Clergy Residence Eligible?

With tax return season in full swing, take some time to view the discussion on clergy residence deduction eligibility. Feel free to add you own questions here as well and get feedback from CCCC staff about your situation.

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Retention Of Employee Reimbursement Records

A common question among registered charities is about how long which records need to be kept. Join this discussion about employee related books and records. Feel free to add your own questions and get feedback from other users and from CCCC staff.

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Looking For A New Bulk Email Provider

One of our users alerted the community to the fact that MailChimp is changing the FREE threshold on the number of "sends" each month, meaning that FREE option will no longer work. Other users had plenty of other options to consider. Join the conversation and feel free to add your own ideas here as well.

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A Pro When You Need One

The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.

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