Congratulations 2023 Accredited Members!


congratulations 2023 accredited members

The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC) is proud to announce and congratulate nearly 200 Christian charities across Canada that have been accredited under the CCCC Standards of Accountability. These organizations have demonstrated a strong commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability in their operations and have undergone a review process to confirm their compliance with these standards.

“We are thrilled to celebrate and congratulate these organizations today and feature them in the May/June Issue of Faith Today magazine,” says Curtis Towns, Head of Accreditation at CCCC. “Their commitment to accountability sets the bar high, and we are proud to have them as Accredited Members.”

The CCCC Standards of Accountability encompass 50 requirements across five key areas: Christian ministry, diligent governance, ethical fundraising, financial oversight and transparency, and organizational integrity. By welcoming CCCC to conduct a review, these Accredited Members have demonstrated their commitment to meeting these high standards and ensuring that their operations are conducted with excellence and trust.

The Accredited Member Logo represents this commitment to accountability and appears on Accredited Members’ websites and fundraising materials. This symbol is recognized by donors and supporters as a sign that these organizations have taken the necessary steps to ensure that their operations are conducted with integrity and transparency.

“We are excited to share this news with our community and encourage everyone to visit these organizations’ websites to learn more about their important work,” adds Towns.

To view the list of Accredited Members, visit To learn more about the CCCC Standards of Accountability and determining if your ministry is a candidate for Accreditation, please visit the CCCC website at

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