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The Onward March of TWU: Next Step The Court of Appeal

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The Ontario Divisional Court rejected Trinity Western University’s (TWU) judicial review application to overturn the decision of the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC).  LSUC refused to accredit the proposed TWU law school because the school would require students to sign a Community Covenant committing them to live in harmony… More

The Cold Chill of the Legal Profession’s Rejection of Religious Freedom

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Cold winds blew on Trinity Western University’s (TWU) Law School last week. On Thursday April 24, the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) voted 28-21 against TWU’s accreditation. On Friday April 25, the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society (NSBS) followed Ontario’s leading and voted 10-9 to accept TWU only if it… More

Has the Religious Worker Become As Obnoxious As A Smoker In The Workplace? The Charter of Quebec Values: A Meaningful Choice?

The Government of Quebec appears to be of the view that the religious minorities in its employ are like the obnoxious smoker who contemptuously and purposely blows his smoke on the non-smoker.  It gets under one’s nose.  Religious people who wear specific clothing because of their religious faith are obnoxious… More

6 Journals To Keep Current in Law and Religion

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One of the ways to know the latest research in the ever expanding field of law and religion is to keep tabs on the academic journals.  Listed below are a few of my favorites.  I have highlighted some of the information from their respective websites: International Journal for Religious Freedom:… More