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COVID-19: Options for Corporate AGMs in Ontario

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Ontario On March 31, 2020 the Ontario government issued an Emergency Order that Allows all corporations under the Corporations Act and the Business Corporations Act to hold meetings of directors, shareholders and members virtually (electronically or by phone) Extends the timeframe by which corporations must hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs)… More

COVID-19: Manitoba Limits Public Gatherings to TEN people

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Effective today, Monday March 30, 2020 Manitoba’s Chief Provincial Public Officer of Health has issued an order under s.67 of the Public Health Act prohibiting public gatherings of more than 10 people at any indoor or outdoor place or premises. It specifically includes places of worship, social gatherings and family… More

COVID-19: CCCC Advocates for Churches – UPDATE

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An Ontario MPP has provided CCCC with a statement from the Premier’s Office in response to our questions. Further, all organized public events of over fifty people are also prohibited, including parades and events and communal services within places of worship. These orders were approved by the Lieutenant Governor in… More

Essential Workplaces in Ontario: What about Churches and Charities?

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Late on Monday, March 23, 2020, the Ontario government issued a list of essential workplaces that will be allowed to continue operating. The list can be found here. “Businesses” includes both for profit and non-profit entities. Churches operating solely as religious institutions are not included as an essential service. Charities may fall… More