Series: Wall v. JWs

Supreme Court of Canada Decides to Hear The Wall Case: Is A Church Member Entitled To Sue A Congregation Because He Was Disfellowshipped?

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The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decided today to hear the Wall case from Alberta.  The SCC must decide if a court has jurisdiction to hear a case of a former church member who is suing for damages because he lost his membership due to church discipline.  Here is a… More

Canadian Council of Christian Charities Granted Intervener Status in Wall Case

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The Supreme Court of Canada has allowed 11 groups (some of which will appear jointly, making 9 applications) to intervene in the “Wall case.” This case will be heard in Ottawa on November 2. It has attracted a lot of attention among religious communities because it deals with the rights and… More

Bussey – National Post Op-Ed: Courts have no business reviewing religious decisions

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On November 2, the Supreme Court of Canada was asked to do something Canadian courts never do: review the solely religious decision of a church community. Until now, the courts have recoiled from getting involved in religious disputes—and for good reason. Read more here. More

Supreme Court of Canada: Churches Free to Determine Membership Requirements and Disciplinary Process Without Judicial Review

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Here is the head note of today’s decision. Check back to this blog for more commentary: The Highwood Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a voluntary, religious association. A member must live according to accepted standards of conduct and morality. A member who deviates and does not repent may be asked… More