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You’re Invited to The Pursuit!

Are you ready to challenge the boundaries of your leadership and vision? CCCC invites you to The Pursuit—a brand-new conference for ministry leaders that will refresh, equip, and empower! The live conference experience will take place in London, Ontario on April 27-29, 2016. This 2.5-day event of vibrant worship sessions, engaging keynote speakers, and… More

How boards can improve the success of the senior staff member

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series How a board adds value.

Having selected a new senior leader for a church or ministry, it is in the best interest of the board and the organization for the board to do everything it can to improve the likelihood of its leader’s success. I feel very well supported by the CCCC board, so I’d like to share how they invest in my success as a leader. More

The dark side of leadership

The traits that enabled you to become a leader are the same traits that can be your downfall. This is the dark side of leadership. The point is not that leaders have a dark side that others don’t. Everyone has a dark side, but when you are in leadership, particularly in the senior leader’s role, your dark side has the potential to wreak greater havoc than would be the case with most people simply because you have greater ability to affect people. As you rise through the leadership ranks acquiring more power and authority that you plan to use for good, your foibles from the dark side are also acquiring greater power to potentially do serious harm to yourself and others. More

My wife, my COO, and a director: Perspectives on my sabbatical

This entry is part 36 of 36 in the series Sabbatical.

With this post I’ve come to the end of writing about my sabbatical. I am sure from time to time I will refer to something or other from my sabbatical, but this is the last detailed report about it. I have three guest contributors who will each contribute a few thoughts on how my sabbatical touched them: Larry Nelson, the board member who helped me come up with the basic outline of the sabbatical; Heather Card, the COO of CCCC who acted in my stead while I was away; and my wife, who encouraged and supported me in actually doing it. But first, a few final reflections of my own: More