Changing Stories through Christ – World Renew

Authored by Ida Kaastra Mutoigo, Canadian Director, World Renew Imagine a life story where each day is a reminder that food is scarce and hard labor seems to reap little profit. That was the story for Jane several years ago until she was trained by World Renew’s local partner, Anglican… More

Stories of Faith in action… – Prairie College

Authored by Mark L. Maxwell, President, Prairie College Stories of Faith in action… From the foundation of the school in 1922, the heartbeat at Prairie has been “To know Christ and make Him known.” We continue in that tradition, in alignment with the global church.  Our Sole Purpose (or our “vision”)… More

Canada’s Best-Kept Secret – Indian Life

Submitted by Intertribal Christian Communications We have often been told that Intertribal Christian Communications is Canada’s best kept secret. In spite of the fact we’ve been around since 1979 and our literature and resources go to every province and territory, many people still have never heard of us or may… More