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The Controversy over Conversion Therapy

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A wave of “conversion therapy bans” is sweeping across Canada’s municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Indeed, the federal government had made this a priority issue, urging the Minister of Justice “to amend the Criminal Code to ban the practice of conversion therapy and take other steps required with the provinces… More

Federal government to criminalize conversion therapy

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The federal government will table legislation today that will amend the Criminal Code to ban conversion therapy. We are watching this development carefully to see what impact this may have on Christian charities across Canada. Be sure to check back later today for further updates on this development. The CCCC,… More

Conversion Therapy Bill C-8

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The falling dominoes: why changing the criminal code may have unintended effects On March 9, 2020, the federal government tabled Bill C-8 in Parliament, to criminalize “conversion therapy.” Rather than focusing on discredited and coercive practices, the current legislation expands the concept of conversion therapy to include any “practice, treatment… More