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My wife, my COO, and a director: Perspectives on my sabbatical

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With this post I’ve come to the end of writing about my sabbatical. I am sure from time to time I will refer to something or other from my sabbatical, but this is the last detailed report about it. I have three guest contributors who will each contribute a few thoughts on how my sabbatical touched them: Larry Nelson, the board member who helped me come up with the basic outline of the sabbatical; Heather Card, the COO of CCCC who acted in my stead while I was away; and my wife, who encouraged and supported me in actually doing it. But first, a few final reflections of my own: More

A retreat to close the sabbatical

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Back in March, the retreat centre (The Sabbath House) called and said I’d be the only person there that entire week. So it really was a private retreat – I had the run of the whole mountainside to myself! I am laughing as I write this because one of my staff members is so amiable and sociable that she told me she couldn’t do a solitary retreat. I think she wonders about me! 🙂 Well, I admit I wasn’t sure if I’d like this much solitude either, but it turned out well. And I wasn’t as disconnected as I thought I’d be. More

Among friends in Zurich

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Leaving from Lens on Thursday morning, I had a very pretty drive through the flatlands of northern France as I made my way to Zurich. It turned out I was following the route of the WWI frontline for part of the journey as I crossed over the Canal du Nord and saw signs for Valenciennes and several other Canadian battle sites. As I got closer to Switzerland the terrain became hillier and hillier. No Swiss Alps today though. I arrived in my hotel room at 5:30 pm and by 6:30 I was among friends in the lobby. More

Lest we forget…

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Monday morning I picked up my car at Gare du Nord and was off to Lens, which is 7 km from the Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge. It was a nice drive (back on the righthand side!) through the French countryside. What I found surprising, especially as I entered the Arras region, was how small the towns and villages still are. There doesn’t appear to have been the urban sprawl that happens elsewhere. Does everyone move to the cities? More

Mon weekend à Paris

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The Eurostar train got me from St. Pancras station in London to Gare du Nord in Paris in just a bit over two hours. After checking in at the hotel about seven o’clock, I dumped everything and went out to see the sights. More