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Emergency succession planning beyond the senior staff leader

Every board needs an emergency succession plan for the unexpected loss of the senior staff leader. When the leader is suddenly unavailable, who steps in to fill the role?

Often there is a staff member who is called upon until a permanent replacement is found, or until the leader is available to return to work. But in a small organization where a staff member steps up, who will do their current job? What is the trickle down effect of the board’s emergency succession plan? More

How boards can improve the success of the senior staff member

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series How a board adds value.

Having selected a new senior leader for a church or ministry, it is in the best interest of the board and the organization for the board to do everything it can to improve the likelihood of its leader’s success. I feel very well supported by the CCCC board, so I’d like to share how they invest in my success as a leader. More

Loving Teamship: Loving your team leader

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Loving Teamship.

This is the last in a series about ‘loving teamship’ that started with loving your teammates and then loving your team. It is also the flip side of the post Loving Leadership that talked about leaders loving their staff members. It may seem strange to talk about loving the team leader, especially because that love is focused on one person while all the other posts talk about loving an entire class of people or a group, but Jesus commanded us to love one another, so why would the team leader be excluded from those we are to love? More

My wife, my COO, and a director: Perspectives on my sabbatical

This entry is part 36 of 36 in the series Sabbatical.

With this post I’ve come to the end of writing about my sabbatical. I am sure from time to time I will refer to something or other from my sabbatical, but this is the last detailed report about it. I have three guest contributors who will each contribute a few thoughts on how my sabbatical touched them: Larry Nelson, the board member who helped me come up with the basic outline of the sabbatical; Heather Card, the COO of CCCC who acted in my stead while I was away; and my wife, who encouraged and supported me in actually doing it. But first, a few final reflections of my own: More