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Spirit-led leaders and institutional life

once a Spirit-led leader is hired, the stage is set for conflict with the powerful force of institutionalism. The primary correction for institutionalism, a fixation on the past, is to focus on the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church today. So here are some thoughts to help you teach your community about the role of the Spirit and, consequently, to be more receptive to Spirit-led leadership. More

Gratitude: The key to longevity in Christian leadership

When it comes to assessing our own leadership, while we can take satisfaction in how well we develop our abilities and in the accomplishments we achieve, we must always remember that God is the source of everything. He gave us our abilities; he called us to leadership; and he works in people and in circumstances to make our work fruitful. More

Ministries as Christ’s possessions

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Corporate life as corporate witness.

Self-centredness is a significant threat to authentic Christian witness by Christian ministries. Attention is focused on the individual and Christ is shut out. Here are practical ideas for how you can build an awareness into your staff that they are not their own, but they belong to Jesus Christ and are his stewards. More

Diversity: God’s gift to the Church

A possible downside to ministry specialization is that employees, who are devoting their careers to a specific cause, can fall into the trap of bemoaning that not everyone shares their passion. They may even become angry and bitter that others don’t “get it.” The following is some common sense advice for how to stay balanced and healthy while committed to a cause. More

The benefits of writing

‘Leaders are readers’ according to the pundits. But if reading provides great input to stimulate creativity, then writing is great output to promote change, and ‘Leaders should be writers.’ Today you’ll discover some great reasons to write and how to strengthen your leadership by making good use of what you write. Aside… More