APRIL 2024
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As someone who has been a part of CCCC's Member Support Team for over 26 years, I've received many questions regarding the Clergy Residence Deduction (CRD) and how eligibility is determined for claiming it at tax season. Reflecting on CCCC's proud history in clarifying legal terms and eligibility requirements for CRD in Canada, we remain committed to ensuring that our members stay informed on this topic. That's why in this Bulletin, you'll find our updated CRD resources in the Knowledge Base for your own learning. Plus, you're invited to register for our upcoming webinars on CRD: The Clergy Residence Deduction – Eligibility and The Clergy Residence Deduction – Payroll Administration.

Also, I encourage you to view the list of our Accredited Members for 2024, featured in the blog post below. These are the remarkable organizations that continue the legacy of upholding the highest standards within our community. If you're thinking of applying to become Accredited by CCCC, you can learn more about the program here.

Please enjoy this month's Bulletin, and as always, get in touch with our team if you have any questions about the material.   

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Clergy Residence Deduction

Navigating the Clergy Residence Deduction (CRD) can be complex, particularly for church administrators new to payroll responsibilities. This guide breaks down the essentials of the CRD, highlighting who qualifies and how to accurately claim this tax deduction. It underscores the critical roles and duties of both employers and employees in the process. Ensuring compliance and understanding is vital for successfully managing your church's payroll needs. We encourage you to explore our newly developed resource for a thorough grasp of the CRD, equipping you with the knowledge to confidently support your clergy members. Review our detailed guide today to streamline your payroll process.

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Financial Statements

Financial statements are crucial for assessing your organization's health and ensuring its sustainability. They play a critical role in decision-making, satisfying stakeholder inquiries, and regulatory compliance. Beyond mere numbers, these documents reflect good fiscal stewardship and a commitment to the organization's mission. We especially encourage board members and new treasurers, particularly those new to their roles, to gain a solid footing in financial statement literacy. We invite you to explore our new resources to deepen your understanding and skills in preparing and interpreting these essential reports.

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What's New in the Knowledge Base?

The CCCC Knowledge Base is continually growing and improving. This page showcases significant updates to the site and resources. It also documents our insights into technology, remote work, and collaborative information sharing. In March, we enhanced the Clergy Residence Deduction and Financial Statement sections. Additionally, this page includes a link to our comprehensive record of changes dating back to 2020, along with information about our plans for 2024.

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MAXIMIZE YOUR membership
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Find Out How Your Ministry Can Become Accredited in 2024!

We invite you to discover if Accreditation is right for your ministry. Click here to access our Accreditation Program Guide, Standards of Accountability, and Accreditation Readiness Assessment.

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Charitable Sector Updates
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ONCA Transition Deadline Approaching

Is your charity incorporated in Ontario? The deadline to transition to the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) is October 19, 2024. ONCA updates the rules for Ontario charities and non-profits. Some of the key changes include: charities with two or more membership classes must set those out in the articles (instead of bylaws); greater access to financial records for members; some charities can have a review engagement instead of an audit; meetings can be in-person, electronic or hybrid by default.

If you don't transition by the deadline, your corporation continues to exist, but ONCA is deemed to apply. That means any sections in your governing documents that do not conform to ONCA are no longer valid - the ONCA rules will apply instead. This will almost certainly create confusion and will make effective governance much more difficult.

Need a place to start? Check our CCCC resource, What is the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act? The Ontario government provides a Guide to the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and here is some information about how the Ontario Business Registry integrates with CRA’s systems. If you're looking for professional help to transition, we've got a Professional Associate Directory you can reference.. 

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Quick Picks

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CCCC staff are constantly reading news, reports, and other resources to stay on top of developments in the charitable sector. We think you'll find these picks helpful!


The Clergy Residence Deduction – Eligibility

April 17, 2024 | 2 - 3 pm ET   The Clergy Residence Deduction – Eligibility

The clergy residence deduction (CRD) is a long-established tax relief mechanism set out in the Income Tax Act (ITA). Our webinar will cover the ITA’s CRD rules, how the court’s decisions have impacted them, and give a walk-through of how to complete the T1223 properly. 

Other Notable Upcoming Events

April 24, 2024 | 2 - 3 pm ET   The Clergy Residence Deduction – Payroll Administration

May 1, 2024 | 2:00 pm ET    Accreditation Information Session


Congratulations to Our Accredited Members!

By demonstrating commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency through compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Engineering Ministries International Canada and Northwind Family Ministries have earned CCCC Accreditation.

Congratulations to the following Accredited Members who recently participated in an Accreditation Review and demonstrated their ongoing commitment to CCCC Accreditation standards: Greater European Mission, ADRA Canada and Camp Qwanoes. We are proud to have you as part of our Accredited Member community!

To find out more about CCCC Accreditation and our Accredited members, visit giveconfidently.ca.

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Do I qualify for the Clergy Residence Deduction?

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Donation Receipt Software

Under the "Green Resource Exchange" category, members actively seek advice on potential resources or provide insights on ones that others are evaluating. In recent weeks, there's been a surge of conversation around donation receipt software – a crucial tool for maintaining donor records as mandated by the Income Tax Act for charities. It's encouraging to see users of The Green exchanging valuable advice and personal experiences to enhance this essential administrative function.

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How To Support A Mexico Church Plant From Canada

In The Green, users engage in in-depth conversations about how Canadian charities can, and cannot, lend support to ministries overseas. Numerous handy resources, including links to articles from the CCCC Knowledge Base, provide clear explanations of the CRA's latest regulations on charities granting funds to non-qualified recipients. Users also receive compelling reminders about the critical role of establishing direction and control.

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(Christmas) Recognition For CEO / ED

In this discussion thread on The Green, the focus was on how board members could appreciate staff members during the holidays, at events, or to mark significant milestones like long-term service. The thread included an interactive poll for users to participate in and provided an opportunity for users to share their reflections on this particular tradition.

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A Pro When You Need One

The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.

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