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Hello, I’m Tim Coles, Chair of the CCCC Board of Directors and the National Director of Youth for Christ Canada. CCCC has been answering ministry questions for years, and out of that experience, it has created an extensive Knowledge Base of information on running a ministry well.

In this issue of the Bulletin, you’ll find information on updates to the Governance, Fundraising, and Sample Policies & Documents sections of the Knowledge Base. You’ll learn about Plan to Protect, as well as how to take advantage of a special promotion of board resources available for purchase through the CCCC Store.

All ministry boards should have access to CCCC’s excellent governance resources to support meaningful engagement with their CEO and organization–here’s why that is so important. YFC Canada asks all its chapters to be members of CCCC. Frequently, I point out Bulletin resources to our executive directors or board members on topics that are important to their roles.

Now is a great time to invest in resources for your board because for many books and videos are available for half price in the CCCC store as a blessing to board teams this month. As we read through the content below, let’s think of other people as well. Telling someone about CCCC’s life-giving information can lead them to reaching out to the CCCC Member Support Team, who will be an invaluable encouragement in an area of need.

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Faithful Strategy: Working God's Way

A faithful strategy reflects the uniquely Christian nature of a Christian ministry. It helps the ministry do its work in a way that pleases God and makes it more likely the ministry will be blessed with great fruitfulness. Based on practical theology, this article describes the characteristics of a faithful strategy that ministries can use to develop their own faithful strategy.

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Updated sample documents in the Governance Resources

The Governance section of our Knowledge Base has been updated with many new sample documents, policies, and examples. This includes a copy of CCCC's Board Policy Manual, which we hope you will find helpful. We encourage you to use these resources to get ideas for how you can write your own policies.

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Updated sample documents in the Fundraising Resources

We've updated two sample policies in the Fundraising section of the Knowledge Base. The policies include an Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code Policy, and a Fundraiser Job Description. If you have any suggestions for us to enhance our resources, let us know using the feedback button!

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What's New In the Knowledge Base?

The CCCC Knowledge Base is always changing and growing. This page is where we highlight major changes to the site and resources. It is also a record of what we are learning about technology, remote work, and collaborative information sharing. Open the dropdown menus for each month to see a list of new and revised resources.

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CCCC Members Save on Plan to Protect®

CCCC partners with Plan to Protect® to help our members save money as they implement policies and procedures to protect vulnerable people participating in ministries. All CCCC members can receive 10% off their new or renewal Basic memberships with Plan to Protect®.

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Now is a great time to consider making an investment into board resources from CCCC. We're deeply discounting many books and video training materials this summer as a blessing to board members and ministry teams! Check out our online store to discover our 50% off savings.

Charitable Sector Updates
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Bill C-19, Budget Implementation Act Passes: What does this mean for direction and control? 

Bill C-19, the Budget Implementation Act (BIA) will amend the Income Tax Act so that charities can work with non-charities. It doesn't remove direction and control, but it adds a new category of permitted resource expenditures called "qualifying disbursements." Charities will have to maintain documentation sufficient to show the purpose for the disbursement and that it is exclusively applied to charitable activities for a charitable purpose.

What's next? CRA has to develop guidance to help charities understand the new category and what "sufficient" documentation means.

We're talking about this right now in The Green-join us! What do you want to see (or not!) in CRA guidance? What would be most helpful for you? Do you think a $5000 reporting threshold is reasonable? Your input and feedback is essential and will help us represent you—our members—as we have the opportunity to advocate on this issue.

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Quick Picks

CCCC staff are constantly reading news, reports, and other resources to stay on top of developments in the charitable sector. We think you'll find these picks helpful!


Employment Law 101 for Charities

If you're new to the world of HR, or just want to brush up on your skills, join us for our upcoming webinar, "Employment Law 101 for Charities." You'll hear from employment lawyers on key topics, including hiring and contract basics, health and safety obligations, remote work considerations, terminations, and more. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions of our expert panelists. Any charity leader wondering how to navigate the often-complicated realm of employment law should attend! Be sure to register to reserve your spot. You won't want to miss out on this webinar, the first of our four-part HR series.

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Governing Well: A Board Chair Perspective

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Bill C-19 Has Passed - Impact on Direction & Control

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UPDATE on Private Shares, Real Estate & Donations: Changes Proposed by Bill C-240

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Returning A Donation - Can It Be Done Ever?

Users discuss different scenarios where questions might be asked about returning a donation under the Income Tax Act. It's pretty tricky business, and this thread features some helpful feedback by CCCC member support team staff as well. With this one, it seems an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure!

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When Is An Administrator Eligible For The Clergy Residence Deduction?

Users discuss how to approach the eligibility requirements for the clergy residence deduction. This is the newest of many threads around this topic and features links to resources to assist the discussion. Green users are also encouraged to use the search feature to discover more clergy residence deduction discussions.

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Can An Employee Be Terminated For Breaching A Lifestyle/Morality Agreement

Users discuss the language used in employment contracts, job postings and descriptions with respect to these agreements. And the thread features some great guidance from the CCCC Human Resources Department!

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The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.


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