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Stewardship Handbook, Volume 2 [Paperback]

Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Deciding how to handle unique gifts-in-kind, understanding the Canadian regulations affecting fundraising, and measuring fundraising effectiveness are complicated stewardship issues that charities often face.

The Stewardship Handbook for Christian Ministries, Volume 2 (a companion to Volume 1) provides the best practices for handling these issues and many other aspects of stewardship, development, and fundraising. Whether you are planning a major fundraising event, creating a social media strategy, or figuring out how to use new technology for facilitating donations, you will find practical, faith-infused resources in this comprehensive handbook.

The Stewardship Handbook, Volume 2 will be available in all major e-book formats. When you purchase an e-book you will receive a link in your email receipt to download your choice of e-book file.

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"The Stewardship Handbook for Christian Ministries, Volume 2 materials offer a smorgasbord of information. With so many great topics covered, you can feast on as much or as little as you want, as you need it. I am grateful for this resource to refer to as a development office who seeks to grow in my knowledge and understanding of legalities, technicalities, and wisdom from those who have done this well."

— Janice Nikkel,Development Officer, Wellspring Foundation for Education

"In a time of unprecedented scrutiny in the non-profit sector, The Stewardship Handbook for Christian Ministries, Volume 2 is a resource that must be close at hand for every charitable organization in Canada. Through this invaluable tool the Canadian Council of Christian Charities has provided the salient information needed, coupled with a fresh approach by each contributor, that will stimulate and inspire your organization to build and care for a sustainable donor base."

— Jeremiah J. Johnston, Director of Advancement, Acadia Divinity College

"This material is an excellent tool to help manage the important legal and ethical responsibilities of resource development. But more importantly, it gives practical steps that will help us create a new culture of generosity."

— Sandy Crozier, Stewardship Development Director, The Free Methodist Church in Canada