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The Training Centre is a growing collection of courses for people working and volunteering in Christian ministries. The courses will ensure that your ministry has the competencies needed to have the great leadership, flourishing staff, and ample resources that your mission demands.

The courses provide not only role-specific content but also, most importantly, practical explanations, exercises, and assignments to be applied to your ministry.

When you are done each course, you will have analyzed a part of your ministry’s operations, policies, and practices and developed recommendations for their improvement.

Staff and volunteers at CCCC member charities have exclusive access to the Training Centre courses.

Current Courses


Church Treasurer: Fulfilling Your Role with Ease
Receipting Essentials for Churches and Charities

Board governance

Great Board-Staff Relationships

Payroll & human resources

Hiring Well


Managing the Fundraising Function
Receipting Essentials for Churches and Charities

Upcoming Courses

Board Governance

Serving as a Board Member


Serving as a board member of a Christian ministry should be a rich, satisfying experience, and this course will help you have the very best experience possible. Based on the widely popular book, Serving as a Board Member, author John Pellowe wrote this course to help you apply the ideas and practices promoted in the book. The course is intensely practical and will shorten your learning curve, improve your governance skills, and gain the confidence to participate well and fulfil Christ’s purpose in calling you to board membership.

Faithful Governance


Based on his book, Faithful Governance: A practical theology for Christian ministry boards, author John Pellowe walks boards through a process to ensure they exist and operate from a distinctly Christian perspective. A board practising faithful governance will prevent mission drift and position their ministry to receive God’s blessings as they govern in a manner pleasing to Him. The content applies to both churches and specialized ministries, and to the various governance models.


Financial Management for Charities


In this course, overseers of the financial management function will learn and practice the skills required to excel in their role with greater competence and confidence. Curtis Towns, CPA, CMA, will serve as guide as participants journey through the interactive course content.

Creative Sources of Income


Most ministries rely heavily on donations from individuals and families to fund the important work they do. There is often a gap between the big vision of leaders and the financial resources available. In this course, finance directors(?) will learn about permitted creative sources of income to fund ministry initiatives. Learners will develop a working knowledge of the rules and practice the skills for pursuing these funding sources. Curtis Towns, CPA, CMA, will serve as guide as participants journey through the interactive course content.


Fundraising Events & Campaigns


Mission awareness, relationship building, and increased funds can be facilitated through Fundraising Events & Campaigns. This course will equip you to offer exceptional events and launch successful campaigns. Don’t delay, plunge into the details from process, to best practices, to CRA compliance and successfully incorporate events and campaigns into your fundraising function. Your mission is too important not to.

Stewardship & Donor Relations


The "who" behind the funds you raise to advance your mission deserves your focus and attention. Every fundraiser knows relationship building is essential to fundraising success. But what’s really involved and why is it imperative you get it right? What does the Bible have to teach you about stewardship as it relates to fundraising? This course will dive deep into stewardship principles and donor relations. As a result of taking this course you’ll connect with your donors on a whole new level.

Gifts-in-Kind & Planned Giving

Planned Giving


Does your mission have an end date? Of course not! So how are you planning for the future? This course will help you understand the various types of planned gifts. Imagine being able to offer donors an opportunity to invest in your mission in perpetuity. Planned gifts tend to be complex in comparison to other fundraising methods. This course will provide you with guidance so that you might incorporate planned gifts into your fundraising strategy.


Spirituality of Leadership


The personal spirituality of a ministry leader can greatly impact the ministry’s fruitfulness, for good or bad, and it is in the ministry’s best interest for the leader to have a healthy Christian life. Building on posts from his blog "Christian Leadership Reflections," John Pellowe provides practical guidance and exercises to help ministry leaders

  • experience intimacy with the Triune God;
  • lead with traits and attitudes that mark a maturing Christian;
  • resist temptations that have brought Christian leaders to failure;
  • self-assess their leadership and take corrective action; and
  • follow the Spirit’s leadership and incorporate their faith into leadership practice.



Throughout church history, Christians have found ways to grow their ability to discern God’s leadership. These practices span the Eastern and Western churches, as well as the Roman Catholic and Protestant/Evangelical churches. Drawing on his book, The Spirituality of Leadership, Rev. John Pellowe guides directors and ministry leaders through a series of exercises that will let them experience for themselves the timeless proven discernment practices used by the Church for two thousand years.

Theology of Leadership


Providing Christian leadership is not a ‘checklist’ activity; it must come from the leader’s heart and soul, and that means leaders must internalize what God expects of those who lead his people. A robust theology of leadership provides the why of Christian leadership practices and heightens the motivation to follow those practices to the full. In this course, Rev. John Pellowe (who holds a doctorate in Christian Leadership) will draw on the leadership theology developed in his book A Theology of Leadership to focus on its practical application in ministry leadership.

Innovation & Creativity


The Holy Spirit continues the work of Christ in the world today, and it is He who brings renewal and vitality to Christ’s church. When the Spirit is at work, we should expect innovation and creativity as He guides the Church forward in ever-changing times. Course participants will learn how to stimulate creativity within the ministry, manage innovation, and bring about organizational change.

Personal Aspects of Leadership


Before leaders can lead an organization or a department, they must be able to lead themselves. They need to do appropriate self-care, cultivate self-awareness, prevent loneliness at the top through relationships with other leaders, keep refreshing their vision, control their own personal work agendas, take time to think and to seek the Lord’s direction, learn to deal with criticism, set themselves up to finish well, and maintain a healthy personal life away from work. The course is filled with practical advice and assignments to help leaders first lead themselves so they can in turn lead others.

Organizational Design & The Executive Team


There are many ways to organize the senior management team, staff, and volunteers of a Christian ministry. In this course, Christian ministry leaders will learn several approaches to organizational design and team structures, applying concepts to their own context. Rev. Curtis Towns, CPA, CMA, will serve as guide as participants journey through the interactive course content.

Managing Change in Christian Ministries


Whether internally inspired or externally motivated, every ministry will inevitably experience change. In this course, Christian ministry leaders will learn and practice crucial skills and strategies that will help them navigate their ministry through organizational change towards a preferred and greater future. Rev. Curtis Towns, CPA, CMA, will serve as guide as participants journey through the interactive course content.

Payroll & Human Resources

Team Leadership & HR Essentials for Leaders


Team leaders first and foremost lead people, not projects. This course presents the best in HR practices as they relate to team leadership.

Team Dynamics


Every staff member is a unique person. Putting people together in a work environment can lead to exceptional performance as people play off each other’s strengths, but it can also lead to dysfunctions. This course will help team leaders navigate their way successfully through the blessings and challenges of teamwork.

Performance Management


Christian ministries often experience difficulty in managing the performance of their staff, especially when people are not performing as expected. Beginning with the best practices found in the human resource profession, this course helps ministry leaders apply Christian theology in performance management to develop a uniquely Christian solution.

Accessibility Matters


Christian ministries of all types, including churches, must comply with legislation governing the way staff and the public interact with them and access their services. This course will help participants assess their own ministries and take corrective action where necessary, providing a great way for a ministry to demonstrate due diligence in these important matters.

Compensation Planning


How much should ministry workers be paid? This course will guide participants through the process of developing a compensation philosophy, policy, and plan. It will also provide guidance for dealing with issues such as equity between staff both at home and abroad, and salary versus raising support.

Payroll for Christian Ministries


In this course, those responsible for processing and/or reviewing payroll will learn and practice the skills required to ensure that it is done with a high level of proficiency. Curtis Towns, CPA, CMA, will serve as guide as participants journey through the interactive course content.

Organizational Health

Organizational Life Cycle


The average Canadian lives to be 80 years old. However, organizations such as your ministry can potentially live forever. But will they? Just like humans, organizations have lifecycles that ultimately end in death. But unlike humans, organizational death can be avoided by jumping on to a new lifecycle. The time to jump is

  • before you need to;
  • before you are desperate;
  • while you are still strong; and
  • when there is still time for a new strategy to mature enough to carry the organization.

This course will guide you through an assessment of where your ministry is in its lifecycle and development of the conditions that will allow your ministry to thrive and flourish into the future.

Organizational Spirituality & Culture


Whether it is defending against loss of your ministry’s Christian identity or ensuring that your board and staff are using their Christian faith to help the ministry fulfil its purpose, organizational spirituality and culture are essential elements of a successful Christian ministry. This course will help board and staff work together to ensure that the ministry is

  • faithfully listening to and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit;
  • presenting an authentic witness to the world of how Christians live out their faith at work; and
  • cultivate a work environment in which everyone thrives and fulfils their calls.


Strategic Collaboration


This course will help Christian ministries collaborate with organizational partners in long-lasting, mutually-satisfying relationships that maximize mission fulfilment for everyone.

Local churches, denominations, and Christian agencies of all kinds will learn how to work together, contributing their knowledge, experience, networks, and other resources, in a way that respects each partner’s needs, limitations, culture, and sensitivities.

Using The Church At Work as its textbook, this course will equip ministry leadership teams with the five principles and six practices that make for successful partnerships between ministries and prepare your ministry to be a great, collaborative partner.

Engaging the World Around Us


The mission of the Church has remained unchanged since it was founded, but the methods the church has used over the centuries have changed considerably. How do we wisely fulfill our mission in today’s circumstances?

The mission of the Church has remained unchanged since it was founded, but the methods the church has used over the centuries have changed considerably. How do we wisely fulfill our mission in today’s circumstances?

Faithful Strategy


This course presents many different faith-friendly tools and techniques to develop organizational strategy. Keep your ministry fresh, vibrant, relevant, and growing as you act on what you’ll learn and practice in this course.

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