MARCH 2024
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The World of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Last fall, our team dove headfirst into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at our staff retreat to learn more about what AI means for CCCC, and potentially for you! It was a day filled with 'aha' moments and deep dives into the future of technology in our work. Given how enlightening we found the whole experience, we thought, "Why not bring this insight directly to our members?"

So, we've done exactly that. We've invited Dr. Michael Nixon from the University of Toronto Mississauga, who will share his knowledge with us in our AI webinar this month. It's an opportunity you will want to take advantage of, especially if you're curious about the role AI can play in your mission. 

On another note, we're keenly aware of how challenging it can be to find the right people to join your teams. This need is echoed through the prayer requests we receive, highlighting the search for passionate individuals to join your ministries. Remember, our job board is here to help connect you with those individuals. It's a resource we're proud of, and we encourage you to use it as you aim to fill the essential roles within your organizations.

Looking to connect with other CCCC members? Many helpful conversations are happening on The Green. We're all about fostering connections and we're grateful for the vibrant community we've built together.   

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Looking for Guidance on Job Descriptions?

With so many things competing for the attention of today's ministry leaders, it can be all too easy to put off the task of writing and updating job descriptions. Sometimes, a knowledge gap inhibits the creation of this documentation, or leaders may question if these documents can even add value to their ministries. Understanding the importance of job descriptions often helps leaders to make time for this important activity. Learn more about the benefits and uses of job descriptions.

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AI Sample Policy Template

This sample document is provided as a general guideline to assist CCCC member charities in developing a policy around AI use in the organization. It covers the policy's purpose and scope, some best practices on AI use, and the basis of a plan to respond to any data security incidents. Appropriate modifications are required to fit the sample document to the organization's specific uses.

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MAXIMIZE YOUR membership
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Christian Charity Jobs

Have you seen the recent openings on our Christian charity job board? Christian Charity Jobs is the best job board out there for connecting you with qualified candidates who are passionate about your mission. Create an Employer Account to post your ministry job today!

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Charitable Sector Updates
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Guiding Principles for the Use of AI in the Canadian Context

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada provided principles for responsible, trustworthy, and privacy-protective generative AI technologies, emphasizing legal authority and consent, appropriate purposes, and special consideration for vulnerable groups. These guidelines aim to ensure that organizations developing, providing, or using generative AI respect privacy laws and protect individuals' rights. These principles are in concert with the development of Bill C-27, the federal government's ongoing efforts to pass legislation that regulates the use of AI in Canadian society. This article contains a helpful timeline for Bill C-27. 

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Advancement of Religion Guidance

In a recent article published in The Philanthropist, CCCC's Director of Legal Affairs explains why the advancement of religion guidance needs to be released. Despite the fact that religious charities make up almost 40% of the registered charities in Canada, the guidance has existed in some shape and form for more than a decade, and it is being used within the CRA, there is no official publication. Over many years CCCC has consistently and respectfully inquired about the status of the religion guidance in our government interactions. Pointing to a recent Ontario court decision, the article explains the tangible impact that results from this guidance gap. The guidance could also have symbolic importance, affirming a positive message about faith, recognizing the significant and valuable contributions of religious charities to communities across our nation.

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Quick Picks

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CCCC staff are constantly reading news, reports, and other resources to stay on top of developments in the charitable sector. We think you'll find these picks helpful!


AI Webinar with Dr. Michael Nixon

As an AI expert passionate about ethical technology use, Dr. Nixon, an educator and researcher from the University of Toronto Mississauga, is excited to lead the upcoming CCCC webinar "Exploring Generative AI as a Tool for Christian Charities," tailored for Canadian Christian charities. In this webinar, Dr. Nixon will delve into how AI can be aligned with Christian ethics to effectively address social issues and enhance community outreach, emphasizing both the potential benefits and the moral considerations. His session will include a brief survey of the history of AI, practical demonstrations of AI applications, possible ways to integrate these technologies within the framework of Christian values, and guidance on utilizing AI to optimize resource allocation and impact in charitable endeavors. 

Other Notable Upcoming Events

April 17, 2024 | 2 - 3 pm ET   The Clergy Residence Deduction – Eligibility

April 24, 2024 | 2 - 3 pm ET   The Clergy Residence Deduction – Payroll Administration

Join Gilbert Langerak for our series of Clergy Residence Deduction webinars, tailored to provide key insights and guidance on clergy residence deductions for employers and employees involved in Christian charities. These informative sessions are scheduled for 17 April (CRD Eligibility, suitable for employees) and 24 April (CRD suitable for employers). Whether you are responsible for administering clergy residence deductions or are a beneficiary, these webinars will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of clergy tax benefits. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field. For more details and to register, visit our live webinars page


Congratulations to Our Accredited Members!

By demonstrating commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency through compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Accredited Members have earned CCCC Accreditation.

Congratulations to Mission Possible Canada who recently participated in a scheduled field review and demonstrated their ongoing commitment to CCCC Accreditation standards. We are proud to have you as part of our Accredited Member community!

To find out more about CCCC Accreditation and our Accredited members, visit

Recent Blog Posts

 In the foreground are four wooden blocks with simple icons on each. A set of scales, a magnifying glass over a document, a letter with a seal affixed, and a group of three men. In the background is a blurred judge's gavel resting on the gavel block.

Why CCCC is Advocating for Advancement of Religion Guidance

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CRA Webinar – Registering for My Business Account

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T3010 Survey

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Donation Receipt Software

Someone in The Green was asking for input about a program for creating and issuing donation receipts and members of The Green community shared their ideas and feedback to the idea of streamlining this important task across the charity spectrum. Can you share how about the tools you use to manage this important task where you work or volunteer?

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How Do Christian Organizations Deal with Religious Diversity?

A great discussion on how to implement Diversity, Equity and Belonging values in employee positions while also protecting the Christian mission. Have you had experience with writing and implementing these job descriptions? We'd love to hear from you!

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Benevolence vs Taxable Benefit

Community members discuss the grey areas when a staff member within a charity also has a need typically covered by the organization's benevolence fund. A little bit of accounting discussion, a little bit of policy and procedures discussion. Be sure to join in and share your experience as well.

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A Pro When You Need One

The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.

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