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As September begins, many of us are filled with anticipation of what God has in store for our ministries. We pray for you regularly and if you have any specific requests for our team, tell us here. Below, you'll find "The Visionary Ministry" resource, which can help your ministry unleash creativity among team members and improve the stewardship of your ministry through a purposeful design to be visionary.

Our CCCC team is expanding! We’ve recently hired another member of our Legal Affairs Team (Welcome, Ryle!), and we have a new job posting and internship available. We’re adding more internships opportunities throughout the year.

As your ministry considers its own staffing needs and processes, CCCC wants to help. We have updated our HR sample documents related to interviewing, employment contracts, and onboarding in the Knowledge Base, or members have access to our HR Consulting service. You can find a link to these new HR resources below. 

Plus, don't miss our update about the new Qualifying Disbursements rules for charities.  

Maximize your membership with CCCC this Fall by taking advantage of the Robertson Hall insurance discounts available to members. There are so many benefits and savings for CCCC members, and if you’re new to CCCC, it's a great time to join and save on fees.

Enjoy this September edition of the Bulletin!


The Visionary Ministry

A visionary ministry articulates a clear and compelling vision of a desired future in a way that inspires people to help achieve it. Its vision is aspirational, evokes an emotional response, propels the ministry towards the ideal, and directs every decision the ministry makes. Any ministry can become a visionary ministry.

A visionary ministry has purposely designed itself to be visionary. The vision is a permanent part of the ministry’s DNA, and keeping it front and centre in the organization’s life and work is a crucial part of the ministry’s identity and corporate culture. Team members own the vision and apply it within their roles, planning with imagination and insight how they can contribute to bringing the vision to life.

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What Are Qualifying Disbursements?

Those of you who have read CCCC’s Noteworthy Blog updates on Bill C-19, Budget Implementation Act (BIA) will know that the BIA has passed.  It could have a significant impact on charities using a non-qualified donee (i.e., an intermediary) to operate outside or inside Canada. If your charity works with non-qualified donees, you'll already know about concepts like Direction and Control, Own Activities, Agency, and Joint Ministry Agreements.

While the BIA largely leaves those concepts in place, it also opens the potential for a significantly different way of operating. It does this by introducing Qualifying Disbursements - a new way of transferring resources - and Grantee Organizations - a new group of resource recipients. Charities will need to decide whether to continue using Direction and Control, move to Qualifying Disbursements, or use some combination of approaches.  This resource outlines these new concepts from the BIA and answers some key questions to get you started.

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Hiring and Onboarding Sample Documents

Do you know what to include in a job posting? The resources here will help you ask the right questions of your organization and your process before you start asking questions of potential candidates. Resources in this section will also guide you through the interview process and key steps in successfully onboarding new employees.

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What's New In the Knowledge Base?

The CCCC Knowledge Base is always changing and growing. This page is where we highlight major changes to the site and resources. It is also a record of what we are learning about technology, remote work, and collaborative information sharing. Open the dropdown menus for each month to see a list of new and revised resources.

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Charitable Sector Updates

Who Knew the Income Tax Act Could be so Interesting!

Refer to the Income Tax Act (ITA) and most people immediately tune out ... so please don’t! There are some interesting things happening with the ITA! First, recent changes to the ITA could bring about significant changes for charities who work with non-charities. Qualifying Disbursements are a new way of transferring resources, and Grantee Organizations are a new group of resources recipients. As noted above, we have a new Member Resource that outlines these brand new concepts, and answers key questions you may have. 

Second, you might have read recent news columns about proposed ITA amendments that would politicize charitable status, and particularly impact pro-life charities. We want to remind you about our short, 2-pager “Charitable Status: Key Issues” that summarizes the most pressing concerns related to this proposal that would politicize charitable status.

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Fall Student Internship Opportunity

CCCC is excited to announce the launch of a formal internship program that is focused on connecting promising students with the Christian charitable sector. This initiative will both inspire and equip students to be future ministry leaders. Our first department to offer internships is Legal Affairs. Please use this link to view an opportunity for a law student internship that is available for this Fall. As we continue to develop this program, there will be more internship opportunities to come!

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Employment Law 101 for Charities (#1 of Our Fall HR Webinar Series)

If you're new to the world of HR, or just want to brush up on your skills, join us for our upcoming webinar, "Employment Law 101 for Charities." You'll hear from employment lawyers on key topics, including hiring and contract basics, health and safety obligations, remote work considerations, terminations, and more. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions of our expert panelists. Any charity leader wondering how to navigate the often-complicated realm of employment law should attend! Be sure to register to reserve your spot. You won't want to miss out on this webinar, the first of our four-part HR series.

Other notable upcoming events

October 19, 2022 at 12pm ET - Human Rights Codes for Charities (#2 of Our Fall HR Webinar Series)


Congratulations to our newly Accredited Member!

By demonstrating commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency through compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Christine's Place has earned CCCC Accreditation.

recent blog posts

Ryle Cameron Joins the CCCC Legal Team!

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A New Privacy Regime Proposed in Bill C-27

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What's Next For Qualifying Disbursements?

Users are discussing the implications of Bill C-19, which allows charities to work with non-charities by adding a new category of permitted resources expenditures called "qualifying disbursements." Charities will need to maintain sufficient documentation to demonstrate the purpose and use of those disbursements. What would you consider 'sufficient documentation?'

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Church Closures

Users discuss the legal and legislative requirements of charities that sadly find themselves in the situation where they must close their doors. Topics like disposing of assets, CRA requirements and paying attention to constating documents. Are your bylaws clear on the terms for merging/amalgamating or winding up your charity should it ever become necessary?

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Remote Work Policy

After 2+ years of pandemic, CCCC HR specialist shares the organization's journey towards the creation of a remote work policy. Share in the discussion and review templates of organizational resources.

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A Pro When You Need One

The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.


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