We Conduct Your Employee Check-ins

We Conduct Your Employee Check-ins

The thoughts and experiences of your staff members are always valuable, but not always the easiest to obtain. Nervousness around opening up to people within the organization can make people feel like they can’t really share all their thoughts, and ministries without dedicated HR professionals might find they are unsure how to best connect with every employee. Wouldn’t you love to be able to really find out what your people think?

With this service, CCCC will speak with each employee at your organization to check in with them about how they are doing at work, what they feel about their job and their supervisors, and any areas of concern or opportunity. Having a 3rd party come in to speak with your team is a great way to help people feel comfortable with sharing their important thoughts. With this package you receive:

  • A phone or video chat between our Head of Human Resources and each employee at your ministry. These meetings can be confidential in nature as a way to invite people to share their true thoughts.
  • A report that outlines the findings of the meetings, compiling the information gained, and sharing specifics where possible.
  • A 30 minute consultation chat afterwards to answer questions or provide guidance on next steps.

Price: Varied (based on number of positions, 30 min per position)

Please contact Christian Malleck to get a quote.

Members: $300
Non-members: Not available
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