Educational Programs

The on-demand and live education resources below are provided to assist you on your journey of learning about retirement planning and how the CCCC pension plan fits into your plan. 

On demand resources

Easier financial decisions with education (webinars)

Health and wealth consultant

A customized member experience guide can be contacted at Canada Life for personalized, one-on-one guidance that can help you with the following:

  • register your online account
  • understand the details of your plan
  • monitor your savings goals
  • review your investment options
  • answer your group plan questions

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Live resources

Live education resources that are emailed out to you include:

  • General education sessions offered by Canada Life (2-3x per year)
  • Periodic CCCC webinars related to financial literacy and/or the pension plan
  • Quarterly (CCCC) and semi-annual newsletters (Canada Life) emailed to you (approximately 4x per year)

If you would like to ask more questions, please contact us, or call 519-669-5137 to speak with Curtis Towns, who will be glad to assist.