Investment Choices

The plan’s trustees, with the support of CCCC staff and their pension governance consultant, have the important role of building the list of curated investment options that are available within the CCCC Plan. The Trustees aim to provide plan members with quality funds from which members can build a well diversified pension portfolio. The Trustees are careful to avoid choice overload in the process. The fund choices align with the objectives of the plan as detailed in the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP).

When you select your asset allocation from among the available choices, you should consider the number of years until you retire and the level of risk you can accept. 

The following investment choices are available under the plan:

  • Money Market - Mackenzie
  • Fixed Income - MFS
  • Target Date Fund - Fidelity ClearPath® Porfolios (Learn more about the Fidelity funds here)
  • Balanced Fund - Jarislowsky Fraser, Mackenzie*
  • Canadian Equity - Jarislowsky Fraser, Mackenzie*
  • American Equity - MFS
  • Bond - MFS
  • Global Equity- Mawer
  • International Equity - MFS

*Socially responsible funds

View the past performance of these funds under the Newsletters and Statements tab.

What type of investment mix is right for you?

Information about each of the fund options can be found within the plan enrollment guide (provided by your employer), the plan quarterly newsletter emailed to you, and the fund review reports available through (Info centre > Investments). 

Educational resources found at (Resources > Savings tips) including the investor personality questionnaire, and those listed here can assist you in making a decision about your fund selection. For those who would prefer to speak with a human, you can also contact Canada Life’s dedicated Investment and Retirement Manager, or book an appointment with a Health and Wealth Consultant to review your investment options. For those seeking specific financial planning or investment advice pertaining to your overall investment strategy, plan members should consider speaking with their financial planner or investment advisor.

How do I change my investment choices?

If you did not select an investment choice when you enrolled, your funds will automatically be invested in the Fidelity ClearPath® Fund closest to your 65th birthday. This fund is made up of an asset allocation of equities and fixed income investments that maximize growth opportunities early on and gradually adjust to become more conservative (meaning less risk) as your expected retirement date approaches.

Whether or not you made a fund selection when you joined the plan, you can change your investment instructions at any time by logging into (Savings > Manage portfolio > Change your portfolio > Investment instructions). To transfer assets already invested from one fund to another, click on “Fund to fund transfer”. You may also call Canada Life at 1-800-724-3402 (be sure to have your SIN and the plan number - 37631 handy).

Forgot your ID or password? You can click on the “Need Help?” section on the My Canada Life at Work website or call the Canada Life Access Line at 1-800-724-3402.