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Hello, Bulletin readers! It's been a busy time here in the CCCC Legal Department where I serve as Director of Legal Affairs. We're working hard to advocate on issues that we believe are necessary for a robust, healthy charitable sector. A significant part of that comes from ensuring there is a favourable environment for faith-based charities to operate, but we always have a view of what is good for the sector as a whole. 

When a ministry joins CCCC, it helps to strengthen our advocacy voice in the sector. You may not realize the many ways CCCC is working on your behalf, from our participation on the CRA Technical Issues Working Group, intervening in court cases, and our active engagement in the legal sector through the Ontario Bar Association. I share a fulsome report of the Legal Affairs department's activities in my written update. Please consider donating to CCCC's Legal Defence Fund. It helps us continue this important work! 

I also provide charitable sector updates in each Bulletin and conduct the legal review of our CCCC resources. It's a big job, but it's a privilege to support our members in this way!

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Core Logic: Pathway to Mission Fulfillment

Harvard Business School teaches it to the social sector. The Federal government requires it for many grants. Foundations ask for it, and the business sector uses it too. What is it? It is a logic model, the logic that explains why an organization's activities should get the results it expects. Individual programs may have their own logic model, but the core logic model tops them all. In a Christian ministry, core logic informs all mission-related decisions from the organizational level down to the program level. It produces more creative, comprehensive, and effective ministry; drives superior performance; and generates fruitfulness. Here’s how to develop one.

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Documenting Charity Investments

How well does your organization steward donated funds? The answer plays a significant role when donors decide where to give next time, and in the effectiveness of your charity. It might be time to invest if your funds are greater than both your operational and reserve needs. Your investments should reflect the stewardship values of your charity and be recorded in an investment policy statement (IPS).

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Benevolence is an act of kindness or generosity. Benevolent acts characterized Jesus' ministry; He fed the hungry and took practical steps to ease the suffering of the poor and ill. The early church also took care of those with physical needs. In Acts 6, the Apostles appointed a special group of ministers to distribute food to widows. Today, in Canada and in other parts of the world, the Church is still helping people who are poor and in need. This category of resources helps you understand and comply with the rules and requirements of giving charitable gifts to those in need.

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What's New In the Knowledge Base?

The CCCC Knowledge Base is always changing and growing. This page is where we highlight major changes to the site and resources. It is also a record of what we are learning about technology, remote work, and collaborative information sharing. Open the dropdown menus for each month to see a list of new and revised resources.

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Short Term Travel Insurance

CCCC's Short-Term Travel Insurance

Planning a missions trip? CCCC members can enroll in this insurance plan that has been designed in direct response to the needs of individuals who are assigned to short-term mission trips outside of Canada.

Charitable Sector Updates
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Canada Summer Jobs 2022 - Scrutiny and Survey

Organizations no longer have to “check the box” and attest to certain beliefs before submitting a CSJ application, but some faith-based organizations are still subject to scrutiny. The scrutiny now comes after the application and is usually based on concerns about statements of faith or community covenants found online or in news reports. Applicants are given a short, 5-day response window. To help members in this situation, we created new resources: a list of Preliminary Considerations, Options to Consider, and some Year-Round work you can do to prepare.

We also want to hear from you. We have a short, three-question survey that we hope you’ll complete to help us better support you before, during and after your CSJ applications.

And if you’re new to CSJ and want to get up to speed, you can check our CSJ blog series or our CSJ articles in the Hiring and Onboarding section of our Knowledge Base.

Human Rights Complaint Adjourned

You might remember Klassen v Star of the Sea Parish, a human rights complaint in British Columbia. It was about whether or not the Parish had a reasonable justification for not renting its hall to the White Rock Pride Society for a Pride event. CCCC applied for and was granted intervener status to present written arguments to the Tribunal.

The hearing was originally scheduled for January 2022 and then rescheduled for May 2022. Last month, the hearing was adjourned and the parties may resolve the matter outside of the Tribunal. Should the hearing be rescheduled, CCCC will revive our intervention.

There are four Tribunal decisions related to the complaint, summaries of which are all available on the Klassen Summary Page in our Knowledge Base.

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Quick Picks

CCCC staff are constantly reading news, reports, and other resources to stay on top of developments in the charitable sector. We think you'll find these picks helpful!

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Thank you, Members!

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Apply to Join the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector

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Theory of Change: A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing a Customized Plan For Your Ministry

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When Is A Business A Related Business As Per CRA?

Community members discuss a coffee company contracted by a church to provide regular coffee service during its worship services, and being allowed to sell premium coffees and baked goods beyond the contract. Learn more about what constitutes a related business under CRA and ask questions about your own charity's activities to be sure you are operating within the Income Tax Act.

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Discrimination & Canada Summer Jobs Program

Charities hoping to benefit from the 2022 Canada Summer Jobs Program are receiving letters requesting additional information or clarification in their applications. Find out how other charities are responding to these requests and see what the CCCC member support team are doing to assist.

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Electronic Time Sheets

A user asked the community how other charities are tracking and approving employee time? Discover the many different tools and solutions used by other charities and see whether any of those solutions might help your charity. Feel free to add your ideas to the discussion to benefit the whole community!

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A Pro When You Need One

The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.


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