Apply to Join the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector in 2022!

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apply to join the advisory committee on the charitable sector in 2022

The 2022 call for applications to join the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (ACCS) is open.

Maybe in 2021 you didn’t get an opportunity to apply or you wanted more time to think about it. Now’s your chance!

As with the last round of applications, we know that you – our members – have valuable experience that can help shape the future for the charitable sector in a positive way. We know you’re experienced, passionate and understand what works and what doesn’t. And we know that many of you have a unique and valuable perspective because of who you serve, where you serve and how you serve.

The CRA encourages applications from a broad cross-section of experts, practitioners and leaders from the not-for-profit and private sectors along with representation from diverse and various groups. This is a key time to be involved! There are lots of calls for change within the sector and this is a chance for faith-based charities to speak into that change.

Really Important Information

Six volunteer sector members will be selected for a two year term. Applications are due by June 3, 2022.

There are TWO things you must do by the deadline.

  1. MAIL or FAX your completed application form (see below)
  2. EMAIL the Charities Directorate ( with the subject line “ACCS membership applications” so they can confirm receipt of your application

Application Form Details

The application is available here. It’s a pretty straightforward application. It asks for:

  • Your resume (required)
  • Your contact information (required) and self-identification (voluntary)
  • Nature of your charity/non-profit affiliation (e.g. northern organizations, researcher, legal expert, rural organizations, etc.)
  • Your experience:
    • What makes you a good candidate and identify issues you’d be interested in exploring if you’re selected; and
    • What experience you have in consultative forums (government committees, strategic planning in organizational networks, planning community initiatives, etc.)

If You Applied in 2021

If you applied in 2021 it’s great news for you! You don’t have to apply again unless there are material changes to be made or you need to change your contact information. 2021 submissions are still valid and will be considered.

Background on the ACCS

The ACCS is a consultative forum for dialogue between the government and charitable sector. Together, they identify emerging issues, examine the regulatory environment, participate in working groups, consult with other stakeholders. The ACCS provides advice and recommendations to the Minister of National Revenue and the Commissioner of the CRA.

To learn more about the ACCS, you can review its Terms of Reference. To get a sense of the type of work that has been done, check out the ACCS’ first, second and third reports, and you can read CCCC’s highlights of Reports #1 and #2 here, and of Report #3 here.

We Want to Support You!

Let us know if you’ve applied – we would love to support you through prayer during the application process!

The content provided in this blog is for general information purposes and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Every organization’s circumstances are unique. Before acting on the basis of information contained in this blog, readers should consult with a qualified lawyer for advice specific to their situation.

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