Thank you, Members!

thank you  members

Authored by: John Pellowe, Chief Executive Officer

The results of the most recent CCCC Member survey are in and we want to thank the 1,543 members who participated.

Here are your responses (with some rounding) to the key question about the degree to which CCCC accomplishes its goals in the following areas:



1. Knowledgeable 4%41%50%96%
2. Professional4%54%36%94%
3. Accessible10%49%33%92%
4. Caring8%50%31%90%

We received two key areas of improvement from the survey. When asked what the most important improvement we could make that would increase your likelihood to recommend CCCC, members replied that they would like us to improve/update our resources (23%) and increase awareness of CCCC member benefits (10%). 

Earlier this year we began offering our members a monthly Bulletin instead of five times per year. We trust that hearing more frequently about our updated resources and timely sector updates will help as you serve and lead in Christian ministry. We also developed a continuous improvement process for our Knowledge Base so that resources provided by CCCC are consistently being reviewed and refreshed.

We desire for all our CCCC members to maximize their membership and leverage the full benefits for their ministry—this includes ensuring that all your staff and board members are connected to your organization’s account so they can log in and enjoy member benefits.  Here is a quick refresher on what’s included in your membership.

We feel so blessed that you, our members, give us the opportunity to support you!

Since 2007, we’ve been saying:

It takes a lot to run a ministry well: good leadership, fundraising, governance, HR, finance,
and so on. CCCC supports ministries with ongoing knowledge, training, and services in these
areas so ministry staff can spend more time doing what God has called them to do.

We will continue work diligently for you and listen to your greatest needs in everything that we offer – from health and pension benefits to our Member Support Team guidance and resources. We’re so grateful for our partnership with you and it’s our joy to support you in your ministry!

Thank you!

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