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Removal of Charitable Status

US. Presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, is calling for the removal of religious organizations charitable status that does not support same-sex marriage. This is a strange but not unexpected development in the antipathy toward those groups with traditional teachings on marriage and who are pro-life. Unfortunately, there is considerable appetite for… More

Charter Values Are Not Charter Rights By Another Name

“Charter values are not Charter rights by another name or in a different setting; they are a different juridical concept,” wrote Justice Bradley Miller in the recent Ontario Court of Appeal’s McKitty decision. This is but the latest criticism of the controversial use of “Charter values” in Canadian jurisprudence. “Charter… More

The Revolution or the Counter-Revolution?

In a recent blogpost, Professor Hans-Martien ten Napel responds to my observation that there is a legal revolution underway against the place of religion in Western societies. He offers a thoughtful review of my dissertation and raises some interesting questions regarding the European context. In my dissertation, The Legal Revolution… More

Free CCCC Webinar – Reviewing Your Charitable Purposes and Activities

There are many things your charity could do that would be considered “good things” but are they the “correct things” according to your charitable status? As strategy changes, charity leaders must ensure that activities are still in line with what the government understands your charity to be doing. Ministries could be making… More

Congratulations, Steinbach Bible College Inc.!

By demonstrating integrity and complying with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Steinbach Bible College Inc. (SBC) has earned the right to display the Seal of Accountability. Empowering Servant Leaders to Follow Jesus, Serve the Church, and Engage the World SBC is an evangelical Anabaptist college empowering servant leaders to follow… More