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We're at that point in the year where charities are engaging donors in special fundraising appeals, such as end-of-year gifts, Giving Tuesday, or Christmas and holiday campaigns. While the plans to organize these fundraising "asks" has been in the works for some time, there are a few extra things that charities looking to fundraise can do right now, and CCCC would love to help.

Did you know that CCCC offers a Community Trust Fund (CTF) so that your church or ministry doesn't need to have its own brokerage account to accept gifts of securities? All you have to do is add this link to CCCC's CTF on the giving page of your website, and we can help facilitate the gift.

We also have a webinar coming up "Conversations with Donors" that you can join live on November 2nd, or watch the free CCCC member recording later this month. This webinar will help you strengthen your fundraising skills by improving communication in key donor relationships.

Another opportunity for your ministry to consider is CCCC Accreditation. We started this program in 1982 for Christian ministries so they could demonstrate their exemplary practices and trustworthiness to donors and stakeholders. Start the accreditation process now by getting in touch with me, and I'll walk you through the many advantages to participation, and help you get started.

There's a lot packed into the Bulletin this month. Check out the member resources below that are new in our Knowledge Base, or use the search bar in our Knowledge Base for self-directed learning. As always, our team is here to help answer questions you have about maximizing your CCCC membership and to offer guidance about operating your charity well.

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Books and Records Resources

Improving record-keeping practices can seem overwhelming at the start, especially if your records are currently a mess. It can be overwhelming when you consider the size and scope of the whole project. These new resources help you organize and maintain your financial, governance, operations, and human resources records

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Case Law Summaries

The rules that govern charities are often a result of court decisions. Many of these important court decisions stand for years or decades. For this reason, CCCC takes time to summarize the most important case law relating to charities. This month we have five new case law summaries of important cases.

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New Tool for BFOR Assessments

This new assessment tool helps you navigate the faith-based bone fide occupational requirements for employment with a Christian charity in various positions. See the related resources on how to customize and apply this sample document.

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What's New In the Knowledge Base?

The CCCC Knowledge Base is always changing and growing. This page is where we highlight major changes to the site and resources. It is also a record of what we are learning about technology, remote work, and collaborative information sharing. Open the dropdown menus for each month to see a list of new and revised resources.

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MAXIMIZE YOUR membership

CCCC's Pension Plan

Take care of ministry staff well beyond their working years. All CCCC Affiliate and Accredited Member organizations are eligible to enroll their employees in the CCCC Pension Plan. Request information today here.

Charitable Sector Updates
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Legal Affairs Update

CCCC is proactive and intentional in researching, writing, publishing and speaking on topics that directly impact Christian ministries. Take a look at some of the projects we've been involved in recently.

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Quick Picks

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CCCC staff are constantly reading news, reports, and other resources to stay on top of developments in the charitable sector. We think you'll find these picks helpful!


Common HR Pitfalls to Avoid

HR can be a tricky and complex field, but we're here to help! We've identified several areas where HR professionals, both new and experienced, tend to make mistakes. In this webinar, we'll address questions like:

  • How do you hire the right people?
  • How do you handle conflict between employees?
  • What can you do to build a culture that makes people want to stay for the long term?

Other notable upcoming events

November 23, 2022 - Pension Plans and Caring for Staff in their Retirement


Congratulations to our Accredited Members!

By demonstrating a commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency through compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, CCCC Accredited Members have been given the distinction of CCCC Accreditation.

Congratulations to the following Accredited Members who recently participated in a scheduled field review and demonstrated their ongoing commitment to CCCC Accreditation standards: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada, Evangelical Free Church of Canada, OneBook, Ray of Hope Inc., Samaritan's Purse - Canada, The Scott Mission. We are proud to have you as part of our Accredited Member community!

To find out more about CCCC Accreditation and our Accredited members, visit


Volunteers As Employees?

Users in The Green discuss a recent class action suit that seemed to challenge the limits of what it means to be a volunteer for an organization without proper remuneration or reimbursement. Users talked about volunteer policies and shared resources on agreements to consider like code of conduct, tracking time and limits of duties.

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Unacceptable Donations For Christian Charities

Users discuss different offers of support and fundraising from community businesses and organizations and wonder when they need to say no to such offers and how they go about rejecting and accepting such offers in general.

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Work From Home Policy

After more than 2 years of pandemic adjustments for both employers and employees, many charities are grappling with ongoing work from home dynamics. Users in The Green discuss the issues involved in setting a work from home policy and CCCC provides a template for charities to use in setting their own policies.

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A Pro When You Need One

The professionals listed in our Professional Associates Directory provide services to charities and practice in four general areas: law, accounting, insurance, and consulting.


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