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Bussey – National Post Op-Ed: Courts have no business reviewing religious decisions

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On November 2, the Supreme Court of Canada was asked to do something Canadian courts never do: review the solely religious decision of a church community. Until now, the courts have recoiled from getting involved in religious disputes—and for good reason. Read more here. More

Standing Committee Votes To Retain S. 176 of Criminal Code

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For as long as Canada has had a criminal code it has been a crime to be violent towards religious officials or to disrupt a religious service. Those “crimes against religion” are contained in section 176 of the code, which makes it an offence to “unlawfully obstruct or prevent… a clergyman… More

CCCC Makes Oral Argument At Wall Case

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Wall v. JWs.

Below is the written text of the oral argument I made at the Supreme Court of Canada on November 2, 2017. Note:  The written legal brief “Factum” filed by CCCC in the court can be found here .  For a video of the oral arguments at the hearing see:  The Supreme Court… More

Australian Group Interviews Bussey on Equality and Freedom of Religion

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The Freedom For Faith, an Australian group that is advocating for religious freedom in the discussion on same sex marriage in Australia recently interviewed me about how the redefinition of marriage changed the legal discussion on the relationship between equality and religious freedom.  This is the result.  You can… More

Canadian Council of Christian Charities Granted Intervener Status in Wall Case

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The Supreme Court of Canada has allowed 11 groups (some of which will appear jointly making 9 applications) to intervene in the “Wall case.”  This case will be heard in Ottawa on November 2.  It has attracted a lot of attention among religious communities because it deals with the rights… More