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Standing Committee Votes To Retain S. 176 of Criminal Code

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For as long as Canada has had a criminal code it has been a crime to be violent towards religious officials or to disrupt a religious service. Those “crimes against religion” are contained in section 176 of the code, which makes it an offence to “unlawfully obstruct or prevent… a clergyman… More

Australian Group Interviews Bussey on Equality and Freedom of Religion

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The Freedom For Faith, an Australian group that is advocating for religious freedom in the discussion on same sex marriage in Australia recently interviewed me about how the redefinition of marriage changed the legal discussion on the relationship between equality and religious freedom.  This is the result. You can read… More

Supreme Court Grants Leave On TWU

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The Supreme Court of Canada decided today that it will hear Trinity Western University’s appeal of its loss in the Ontario Court of Appeal last June. Both the Ontario Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Ontario’s law society (The Law Society of Upper Canada). That… More

The Intolerance of Intolerance: The Outrageous Accusation That TWU’s School of Law Is Related To The Orlando Massacre

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A bisexual Muslim, who swore allegiance to ISIS, walked into an Orlando gay club that he frequented and indiscriminately shot and killed 49 people, injuring 53 others. It was a heinous crime, the like of which we’ve never seen before in North America. How then, based on this shooting, does… More