Monthly Archives: October 2012

CCCC Launches New Website for Donors and Certified Charities

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) has just launched a new website——designed to connect Canadian donors with trustworthy Christian ministries. The website features the 183 charities that are part of CCCC’s certification program. “Certification is a rigorous process,” explains David Johnson, Director of Certification. “Certified charities work hard to obtain… More

The Measure of our Success

Many ministries struggle with measuring their mission success. Which of a myriad of possible measurements are most helpful in determining progress towards mission accomplishment? Can you even measure intangibles such as someone’s journey towards Christ? Of all Christian ministries, I think churches find it hardest to measure what really matters,… More

The Art of Neighboring

Are you so engaged with family, church and ministry work that you don’t actually mingle much with people outside your Christian circles? Ministry workers risk living in a bubble of faith that limits their personal influence outside of work. This post will help you expand your influence. Since entering full-time ministry, my world has both vastly expanded (within… More