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Revisiting the Role of Religion In Canadian Society

The recent discussion about the Quebec government’s proposal to force religious minorities working in the Quebec civil service to remove their religious symbols has generated an avalanche of anti-religious comments to the news articles.  Religion clearly is a sensitive subject – one ought to walk carefully, it seems, about expressing… More

Has the Religious Worker Become As Obnoxious As A Smoker In The Workplace? The Charter of Quebec Values: A Meaningful Choice?

The Government of Quebec appears to be of the view that the religious minorities in its employ are like the obnoxious smoker who contemptuously and purposely blows his smoke on the non-smoker.  It gets under one’s nose.  Religious people who wear specific clothing because of their religious faith are obnoxious… More

Copycat Leadership: When should leaders imitate other leaders?

Everyone loves a success story because we all want to be successful. Success stories inspire and encourage us to work hard for great achievements and to persevere until we attain them. They are powerful motivators! But success stories can become obstacles to us and to God when we turn them into guides that we slavishly follow. To reap the positive and avoid the negative, we must ask the question: When should we copy other leaders, and when should we not? More

Atheists Deserve Protection Too Says Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Rene Chouinard is an atheist.  As a parent he teaches his child that she need not fear the gods of religion.  In fact, he advocates that every child be given the opportunity to read Just Pretend:  A Freethought Book for Children.  God is compared in the book to Santa Claus… More