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BREAKING NEWS on Canada Summer Jobs

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December 6 Update The initial news report appears to have been taken down.  However, here is another story link. Original post:   A news report was published today stating that the government has changed the wording of the Canada Summer Jobs application form so that “pro-abortion beliefs to funding eligibility is being dropped.” However,… More

To Apply or Not to Apply for Canada Summer Jobs Funding?

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This article will review why 2018 was so offensive; explain what the government did differently for 2019; highlight the unanswered questions the government has yet to clarify; and then, finally, suggest a way forward for Christian charities in the valley of decision on whether to apply. Christian charities in Canada… More

2019 Canada Summer Jobs Update

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The Federal Government has released a list of employers that have been approved for Canada Summer Jobs funding to hire youth. This funding assists charities and small businesses to hire summer students. Over the past two years, the Federal Government has come under criticism for its requirement that all applicants sign an… More

Canada Summer Jobs 2020 – Applications Open!

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The 2020 Canada Summer Jobs application is open! You have until February 24, 2020 to submit your application. No doubt you’re asking, “what is the attestation this year?” and “can we in good conscience apply?” As with past CSJ applications, we fully recognize that charity leaders must make up their… More

Canada Summer Jobs 2020: Approvals Now Available

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Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) approvals are now available online. Charities and churches should have received notification about their approvals or denials now that the government has released its list of 2020 recipients to the public. Last year faith-based organizations seemed to have less difficulty securing CSJ funds than in 2018… More