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Evangelicals make a huge contribution to Canadian society

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The contribution made by Evangelicals to Canadian society seems completely overlooked by the secular public. This is a brief post I’m putting up simply to show a side of evangelicals which the public isn’t aware of. Evangelicals demonstrate the best civic spirit in Canada in terms of caring for the welfare of others and demonstrating compassion through personal involvement. The evidence is overwhelming: More

New Conference for Christian Ministries

CCCC is very excited to present an update on the CCCC annual conference. We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with other ministries to merge into a bigger, bolder conference in 2016 called The Pursuit. Working together, we’ve redesigned the conference from the ground up and changed it from a… More

Peace reigns in the end

The ugliness of violence and terror can never endure. Peace and beauty always win out in the end. As Christians, we look forward to the reign of the Prince of Peace. Until then, we pray for peace in our world and justice for all. Our thoughts and prayers are also… More