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CCCC Releases 20th Edition of the Charities Handbook

CCCC is excited to announce the launch of the 20th edition of the Charities Handbook! This comprehensive reference tool is an authoritative guide on the legal, accounting, and operational issues of Canadian registered charities. With a particular focus on Christian ministries, the Charities Handbook provides guidance on the common and the… More

What’s Been Happening: A Review Part 1: Christianity and Human Rights

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series What's Been Happening.

Periodically I will be letting the subscribers of this blog in on a number of different projects (such as TV programs, interviews, papers, books) that I have had the privilege of being involved in over the years.  I think you will find these informative and hopefully you will want to… More

The case for the Office of Religious Freedom

The Trudeau Government has announced that it is extending the Office of Religious Freedom for another month.  However, it does appear that the government is about to close the Office.  That is a big mistake in my opinion.  You will want to read my piece in the National Post. More

Charity Political Activities Audit: Good Riddance

Some charities have similarities to the Roman orator Cicero.  They are hated by one emperor but loved by another.  The Trudeau Government’s announcement that it will scale back the political activity audits of charities by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is good for charities and good for Canada.  Good for charities… More