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Christians and the power of the state

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We live in a litigious society that is polarized around issues of morality and religion and where people are ready and willing to use the coercive power of the state to enforce their positions on others. While acknowledging the importance of responding to the legal and political challenges of our day, which require us to be present in the institutions of the state, we must show the world that another way of resolving differences and conflict is possible. More

Making peace with your team leader

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Christians should be very good at resolving conflicts because ours is a religion of reconciled relationships. Christianity is a religion of peace, with God and with each other. “Blessed are the peacemakers” is what Jesus said. However, conflicts can be challenging to resolve when there is a power differential between the parties, such as in the work environment between a team member and a team leader. So here are some suggestions to team members who may feel there is nothing they can do. More

Redeeming Church Conflict

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Although many people hold up the ancient church as the ideal church that we should try to get back to, the Bible clearly shows that the church in New Testament times was just as full of problems and controversies as the present-day church. Whether in Corinth or Galatia, they had to learn to deal with division and passionately held positions. I’ve just read a really great book: Redeeming Church Conflicts. If your church is experiencing a conflict, there is hope! More