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It would be great if the church consisted of only perfect people who were Christlike in every way. Then there would be no conflict inside a church and pastors would have more time for activities that advance the mission.

But this isn’t the way it is. The church is full of imperfect people who, like me and like you, are on a journey toward perfection. So pastors have to learn to manage the inevitable conflicts that arise while we are on our journey. We can’t just avoid the conflict and pretend it isn’t there. That would be like ignoring a cancer symptom and pretending it’s not real. The problem will only fester and grow over time.

One of the reasons why we should not abandon gathering together as a church is that conflicts, or at least different perspectives and priorities, are bound to arise when we gather, and the resulting conflicts give everyone the chance to practise Christlike attitudes and behaviour! What an opportunity for you, their pastor, to teach people how to grow!

This post, published on March 10, 2012, provides a productive way to use conflict to bring people together.

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