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The Measure of our Success

Many ministries struggle with measuring their mission success. Which of a myriad of possible measurements are most helpful in determining progress towards mission accomplishment? Can you even measure intangibles such as someone’s journey towards Christ? Of all Christian ministries, I think churches find it hardest to measure what really matters,… More

Is your ministry near its “Best before” date?

The average Canadian lives to be 80 years old. Organizations, however, can potentially live forever, but will they? Just like humans, they have lifecycles that ultimately end in death. But unlike humans, organizational death can be avoided by jumping on to a new lifecycle. The time to jump is: before you need to, before you are… More

Satan vs (insert ministry name here)

Leaders are storytellers, so you should learn how to create your own stories. Practice writing stories, even if you never use them exactly as written, because you will use stories in your speeches, interviews, newsletters, orientation sessions and fundraising appeals, not to mention writing posts for your blog. The story you tell will reinforce your ministry’s goals, values, and its way of life every time you tell it, so you want to craft it in a way that is interesting and memorable, that touches people emotionally and taps into their own aspirations. More