voices  signs your church is stalling out
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Every ministry, every church should be growing, drawing people to faith in Jesus Christ and serving more and more people. When growth isn’t happening, it’s easy to blame factors outside of leadership’s control.

However, often the lack of growth is due to something that the pastor or executive director does have control or influence over. Leaders need to ask themselves if they aren’t responsible for the lack of growth.

Carey Nieuwhof has an excellent post that I highly recommend written specifically for pastors, but which applies to all ministry leaders. The article lists possible reasons for the poor results, and all of them are controllable by the leader.

My own post, Is your ministry near its “Best before” date? has additional leading indicators of organizational decline.

The longer you wait to address a decline, especially once you are clearly in a decline, the fewer the options you will have to turn it around. If your ministry is experiencing any of the conditions listed in either post, now is the time to take action!

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