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Strategy Maps adapted for charities

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Strategic Review.

In this series of posts about conducting a theologically sound strategic review for use by Christian ministries, I’ve written about using a theory of change to define what sorts of activities your ministry should engage in, and to document why you think they will work. I’ve also written about using… More

Rejuvenate your leadership and your entire ministry

One of the key themes I’ve picked up from visiting ministries over the last year is that many of them are engaged in a significant change process. Across Canada, Christian ministries are rethinking their missions and strategies. This is really healthy and I get the feeling that Christian agencies, in particular,… More

Is your ministry near its “Best before” date?

The average Canadian lives to be 80 years old. Organizations, however, can potentially live forever, but will they? Just like humans, they have lifecycles that ultimately end in death. But unlike humans, organizational death can be avoided by jumping on to a new lifecycle. The time to jump is: before you need to, before you are… More