Series: How a board adds value

How boards can improve the success of the senior staff member

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Having selected a new senior leader for a church or ministry, it is in the best interest of the board and the organization for the board to do everything it can to improve the likelihood of its leader’s success. I feel very well supported by the CCCC board, so I’d like to share how they invest in my success as a leader. More

Review, Reflect, Represent & Replace: A board’s added value

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series How a board adds value.

Wouldn’t it be neat if the board chair had a remote control for the board so that, just like a media player, the board could rewind, pause, fast forward, and eject from time to time?

In fact, by setting the agenda the chair already has that ability. But the whimsical image of a board chair holding a remote control will help you remember four of the ways a board adds value. More