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Biblical-theological discussion of leadership.

Theological Leadership

One of the research findings from my dissertation on church-agency relations is that many Christian agency leaders do not have formal theological training. The pastors said this is a problem. Since agencies are Christian ministries, I recommend that at least the senior leader of a Christian agency get some formal theological training,… More

Shepherds After My Own Heart

Last week’s post was about my favourite non-Christian leadership book. This week I’ll feature my favourite Christian leadership book, Shepherds After My Own Heart: Pastoral Traditions And Leadership In The Bible by Dr. Tim Laniak. The book helped me understand what God desires of those who lead his people. It is a thoughtful,… More

Thou shalt steal…?

I was forced into a quick assessment of whether a pastor can tell his congregation to shoplift when in desperate need because I got an interview request from Canwest News Services to answer the question, “Is it ever right for a spiritual leader to advise his congregation to steal?” The reporter’s deadline was looming. Is it or isn’t it? More