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Recent Happenings: CCCC Files Factum At BC Court of Appeal; Bussey appears on TV

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Factum Filed At British Columbia Court of Appeal Yesterday, our agents in Vancouver filed our factum at the BCCA in the matter of Trinity Western University and the Law Society of British Columbia. The hearing is scheduled for June 1-3, 2016 in Vancouver. Our factum outlines our concerns about institutional… More

Fun “Extras” at The Pursuit conference

Okay, if you haven’t been convinced by the serious stuff to come to The Pursuit, here are some of the fun ‘extras’ you can come for! Wednesday/Thursday Photo Challenge Contest Earn a chance to win an iPad mini simply by taking pictures! Post pictures of the conference to your social… More

Sending a Message to TWU: Your Graduates Need Not Apply

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I observed history last week at the hearing of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal in the case of Trinity Western University School of Law (TWU). Over twenty lawyers were crammed into the Court Room on the 5th floor of The Law Courts, in downtown Halifax. It seemed only a… More

A New Podcast about Giving Well

Stronger Philanthropy has recently launched a podcast about faith-based philanthropy. The podcast aims to “probe the motivations, values and expectations of grantmakers, and provides thoughtful strategies for making philanthropy more meaningful.” Whether you’re a grantmaker or a grantseeker, be sure to subscribe and check out the podcast archive. More

Bonus days at The Pursuit conference!

Not only is The Pursuit packed with 95 speakers presenting about 140 learning sessions, there are two pre-event days on April 25th and 26th which offer even more! If you need some spiritual refreshing, you won’t want to miss Leading From Your Knees. I’ve already registered for this one!! If you… More