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Common Sense Prevails at the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal

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The Nova Scotia Barristers Society (Society) was “discomforted” by Trinity Western University’s (TWU) Community Covenant which, “in addition to mundane items” noted the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal (Court), “prohibits sexual intimacy outside the marriage between a man and a woman.” However “discomforted” the Society may have felt about that… More

New Staff Member Joining the CCCC Legal Team

CCCC is pleased to announce that Philip Milley has joined our staff as Associate Director, Legal Affairs beginning June 20, 2016. Philip concurrently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major) in Philosophy and Religious Studies and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Ethics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he graduated… More

Nova Scotia’s Highest Court Rules in Favour of TWU

This entry is part 23 of 42 in the series Trinity Western University.

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Trinity Western University today.I have drafted an Op-Ed piece and have submitted it to a newspaper for publication. If no paper will pick it up I will publish it here on my blog. In the meantime here are a few… More

New Retention Requirements for Church Offering Envelopes

Authored by Philip Milley, Associate Director of Legal Affairs The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently published new guidelines regarding the retention period for church offering envelopes. The primary change in the guidelines relates to the length of time churches are expected to retain offering envelopes. The old CRA guidelines required a church to retain… More

Economic Value of a Church

A study has just been published showing that ten congregations in Toronto contributed a total of $45 million of economic value to the city based on a combined budget of only $10 million. In simple terms, the dollar value of having a church in a community is about 4.5 times… More