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The Experts Demand Deference: Law Societies & TWU

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I detected a general theme in the respective Court of Appeal arguments of the Law Societies in British Columbia and Ontario over the last two weeks.  “We are the experts.  We know what we are doing.  Now give us deference.  Our decisions against accrediting Trinity Western University’s School of Law… More

Recent Happenings: CCCC Files Factum At BC Court of Appeal; Bussey appears on TV

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Factum Filed At British Columbia Court of Appeal Yesterday, our agents in Vancouver filed our factum at the BCCA in the matter of Trinity Western University and the Law Society of British Columbia. The hearing is scheduled for June 1-3, 2016 in Vancouver. Our factum outlines our concerns about institutional… More

How To Protect The Religious Freedom of Faith-Based Organizations

Last week I obtained a copy of the book Free To Serve.  My review of the book is below.  I highly recommend it for leaders of faith-based organizations and for those in the law and religion academic community.  While this is not an academic book it does outline the problems faced by… More

Trinity Western University and the Legal War of Attrition: Isn’t It Time To Let Diversity Flourish?

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A legal war of attrition is an apt description.  Trinity Western University’s (TWU) bid for a law school has one court victory in Nova Scotia (now appealed), one loss in Ontario (also soon to be appealed) and is about to embark on its third court hearing in less than a… More

CCCC Granted Intervener Status In TWU Case in British Columbia

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On Friday, May 14, Chief Justice Hinkson granted Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) intervener status in the Trinity Western University (TWU) case against The Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC). TWU is asking the BC Supreme Court to review the LSBC decision to reverse its original approval of the… More

BC Law Society Approves TWU Law School Graduates

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The BC Law Society benchers voted 20-6 against a motion that would have seen TWU law school graduates not be able to practise law in BC.  The failure of that motion means that the Federation of Law Schools decision on December 16, 2013 to approve TWU stands. At first glance… More

Only A Little Pork In The Soup: Can Religious Beliefs Be Put On Hold?

Loyola, a private high School in Montréal, is being forced to suppress its Catholic convictions when it teaches the Québec government’s Ethics and Religious Culture course (“ERC”). The Québec Court of Appeal appeared to suggest that there was no reason for Loyola to be concerned because it has the rest… More