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Federal Budget 2011 Follow Up

This afternoon Parliament defeated the government in a vote of nonconfidence. This means that none of the federal budget proposals affecting charities, announced March 22, 2011, are effective. Several of the Budget 2011 provisions affecting the charitable sector focussed on strengthening the enforcement measures of Canada Revenue Agency. These same… More

Federal Budget 2011

There is considerable question as to whether Federal Budget 2011 will receive the support of Parliament. However, CCCC is providing information about measures affecting charities on the possibility the budget may pass and because some of these provisions may return in future budgets. Generally Significant provisions within the Budget… More

New Zealand: There’s no place like it

This entry is part 6 of 36 in the series Sabbatical.

Visiting New Zealand is like visiting another planet, but without the space travel!  The land forms (hills) and colours (grass) are so different in places they seem unnatural.  Here is what I did in the four days I was there, and some impressions from the first country on my trip… More