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BC Court of Appeal On TWU

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It has just been announced that the B.C. Court of Appeal will be releasing its decision on the TWU case on November 1 at 9:35am Pacific.  This marks the final court of appeal to release its decision.  You may find a write up on the Nova Scotia Court of… More

One month until the New BC Societies Act

Authored by Philip Milley, Associate Director of Legal Affairs The new British Columbia Societies Act (the “Act“) will replace the current Society Act on November 28, 2016. While it is, in many ways, similar to the outgoing Society Act, it also introduces a number of new changes. Some of the key changes have been reviewed in… More

Social Media Trolls and the Workplace

Authored by Philip Milley, Associate Director of Legal Affairs  Have you ever read the comments on a Facebook post and cringed? The cruel and unrelenting nature of public comment has led some news sites to remove comment sections altogether. I am constantly surprised at the tone, cruelty, and content of the… More

Report on Regent Law School Symposium on Enumerated and Unenumerated Rights

It was my privilege to speak at the Regent Law Review Symposium.  The Regent Law Review celebrated 25 years at this event with special alumnus Justice Daniel Kelly. The former editors-in-chief over the 25 years were present. The symposium was organized to discuss the clash between “Enumerated and Unenumerated Rights.”… More